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Each bottle of oil is handmade in Vancouver British Columbia with the finest natural ingredients which have been ethically sourced

Our signature brush is handmade with cruelty-free bristles

The only animals we test on are fellow beard enthusiasts


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Hair Oils and Brushes

Specialized beard coaching from fellow beard enthusiasts who have gone through the trials and tribulations of growing their prized beards and expert barbers with 10+ years of hair styling experience

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Tailored Beard Care Advice

We have partnered with barbers and stylists trained in the art of both classic and modern barber techniques! Book an appointment with our friends at No Dice hair salon at While there, don't forget to pick up some Better Beard Care products!

Hair Stying & Beard Grooming


Beard Oil

Expertly crafted blend of jojoba oil, argan oil, vitamin E, and essential oils

Proven to naturally soften hair, add shimmer, and moisturize skin

Scented and fragrance-free options available!


We Are Better Beard Care

We are a collaboration of like-minded beard enthusiasts and expert hair stylists who love cold craft beer on thirsty thursday (and most other days of the week) and the art of beard care

We handmake each of our products in small batches to the highest standard with the finest ingredients 

Our formulations are expertly crafted through our team's expertise and feedback from our clients

We take a collaborative approach to tweak our blends based on your feedback





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